Style Story: Wall Clock

This is the first of a series called Style Story where I highlight the stories behind my artwork and ways to style them. My aim is to inspire you to add a little artwork in your life and show you how simple it can be to fit them into the current lifestyle trends of 2017. From home decor to personal style, follow along for some inspiration!


Alberta, CA Wall Clock

One of my first pieces of work that started Carmen Szeto Designs was a commission I took on for a good friend, Quiller. At the time, he was living in Alberta, BC and requested a mountain drawing to reflect how beautiful they are. I knew immediately what he envisioned. The moment my pen hit the paper, it took me back to the blissful feelings I had on a solo adventure to the west coast of Canada in 2014. My pen and ink very naturally etched The Valley of the Ten Peaks (half from the unforgettable memories and half from the breathtaking photos that took me back to the humbling feeling you get under the height of the rockies). This quickly became a theme among my artwork, and particularly in my photography; to capture the invigorating feelings that travelling can light in the soul. This is why I decided to make my "Alberta, CA" print the first feature on my Style Story. I want my work to ignite the feeling of wanderlust and passion I have every time I look at it - and what better way than to integrate the artwork not only as a piece for viewing but as everyday products. 

Wall clocks are a simple but classic piece that can add a lot of personality to a blank space. Antique hands and over embellished faces have been replaced with minimalistic clean lines for 2017. has created a wall clock that reflects the modern style that can be fitted with a variety of artwork to match your space. For this feature, I was fortunate enough to be invited into Kristy and Tirell's apartment to style the "Alberta, CA" wall clock they purchased.

Clock_1 (2000x1500).jpg

Kristy and Ti decided to place their wall clock by the front door on a narrow wall between the bathroom and bedroom. I love the minimalistic style they chose with the clock being the only piece on the wall. I incorporated some vertical movement by placing their Snake Plant on their entryway bench to draw the eyes towards the clock. The organic green immediately catches your attention and draws your eyes up to the clock while complimenting the wood stain of the bench and crystal.

Another option is to nest it on a side table, framing it with lush greenery. The 1.75" deep width makes it nice and sturdy as a stand up piece. Kristy and Ti had a beautiful collection of plants which made this set up work well beside their couch. 

Carrying on with the sitting clock, I found that it made for a beautiful centre piece on their Ikea Kallax shelf. The shelf already creates a perfect separation for accent pieces. Paired again with the rough texture of the crystal to contrast the smooth edges of the clock. The detail on the clock allows for it to stand alone as a statement piece. 

The large 10" diameter allows for the clock to work well as a minimalistic centre piece above the couch as well. This clock ties together a busy living room by occupying a large space in the most modern way. Be careful not to place the clock too high above the couch or else it can become lost in the blankness of the wall.

So these were just a few examples of how you can style your wall clock in your home. I created these styles with the things that were already at Kristy and Ti's apartment to show you how easily you can make it work with your own space. I hope you enjoyed this feature and are looking forward to future ones. Feel free to send me a message to share how you style your wall clock at home, or if you'd like me to come over to style your Carmen Szeto Designs products! And of course, you can shop this "Alberta, CA" clock by clicking here. 

A huge shout out to Kristy and Tirell for again allowing me to invade their space and play photographer. Xo 


Carmen Szeto