Green December Day 20 - Plastic Wrap 2.0

I’ve stopped… Using plastic wrap for fruits and bowls

A couple years back, I attended a market that sold these awesome silicone stretch lids and thought of how much it will help me reduce the use of plastic cling wrap. For the times you don’t have enough containers, or if you just wanted half of a fruit/veggie, these lids are great because the stretch to fit the bowl/fruit to keep them fresh. Since I no longer have the contact for exactly where I found my personal stretch lids, I found similar ones on Amazon. I will note that if your stretch lid is a slight too small for your bowl or fruit, normally it isn’t a problem if it is dry and room temperature, but once it is cold and is a little condensated, the lids tend to slide off of them so just make sure your bowls and food are dried before attempting to put them back on.



Plastic cling wrap is non-recyclable which means that it ends up in the landfills to leech the plastic chemicals for years and years.

Carmen Szeto