Green December Day 25 - Responsible Companies

I’ve stopped… shopping at places that aren’t committed to sustainability in some sort of way

A lot of companies become successful doing what they do best but a lot of the time, they leave some sort of negative ecological footprint on the planet. In the recent few years, more and more companies are popping up or re-branding to have some sort of sustainability aspect to their business and supporting those business can help, even just a little bit.


For example, the clothing company TenTree plants trees for every item purchased. A&W has switched all of its packaging to compostable reusable materials, financially supports sustainable agriculture and beef production research and became the first and only restaurant chain to join the National Zero Waste Council.

Those are just a couple examples, but try to seek out companies that have put in a noted effort to environmental sustainability over others that may have not. This may be as simple as looking at the packaging of something before purchasing it and noticing that it has some sort of information on being made of recycled material, sustainably sourced, that they give back to the planet. For example, there are 1200 brands out there that support the organization 1% For the Planet and you will definitely see their logos on their packaging.


Well this one is a no brainer. Companies have a responsibility to give back to the community, especially if they are larger ones and we should continue to support the companies that do, or at very least influence the outliers to start working on being more sustainably conscious.

Carmen Szeto