Green December Day 6 - Cotton Pads

I’ve stopped… Buying cotton pads

I’m not going to lie, this one actually started with an impulse purchase from Sephora (anyone else relate?) but it served to be extremely resourceful in the long run.


These reusable makeup cloths are made up of a soft material that once wet, will cling onto your makeup and wipe it right off your face. Honestly, it’s super easy to use and because you don’t need makeup remover solution, I love to travel, camp or cottage with this. All you have to do when it’s dirty, is throw it in the wash!


DIY cotton pads are also an option by sewing together a couple layers of round-cut terry cloth!


Most commonly used to remove makeup, cotton pads can build up to a lot of waste per year and they are not accepted by the City of Toronto to compost mainly due to the contamination of the cotton pads.

Carmen Szeto