Green December Day 8 - Take-out Containers

I’ve stopped… frequently buying my lunch

Packing a lunch has always been something I am an advocate for not only because it promotes healthy eating, but also reduces environmental waste. Packing your lunch in re-usable containers prevents the disposal of single-use waste that comes with fast food including straws, plastic cutlery and styrofoam packages to name a few.

I bought lunch bag at Homesense that is disguised as a cute backpack. It’s highly functional and fashionable which certainly makes it easier for me to pack a lunch opposed to those large awkward lunch bags or using plastic bags.



When take out containers are used, the majority of the time, they have to be thrown in the garbage due to the contamination of food in recyclable material, resulting in the accumulation of thousands of pounds of waste that will take hundreds of years to degrade.

Carmen Szeto