Green December Day 30 - Terracycle Free Recycling Progrm

I’ve stopped… Throwing recyclable items in the garbage.

There are countless items that are not recyclable but Terracycle is a recycling company that makes it possible to recycle some of those items. They offer a list of companies that they have partnered with to offer free recycling. They currently offer the free recycling program for the following brands:

  • Febreeze

  • Brita

  • EOS

  • Europe’s Best

  • L’Occitane

  • Nespresso

  • Staples

  • Terra

  • Sensible Portions

  • Garden of Eatin

  • Tilda

  • Yves

  • Wellness Pet Food

  • Love Child Organics

  • Open Farm

They also offer free recycling for items such as:

  • Cigarette butts

  • Cannabis packaging

  • Cereal bags

  • E-Waste


Well if you have the option to keep less waste out of landfill, why not!

Carmen Szeto