Green December Day 12 - Green Hair Salons

I’ve stopped… Going to regular hair salons

A friend of mine recently got her hair done and with the amazing resource of social media, I was able to look into which salon she used and found out that WorldSalon is Canada’s greenest salon. They use solar panels to heat their water, LED lighting and has a whole line of eco-friendly products. They have also won several awards for their green initiatives. I had a great experience with Andrew and the prices are up to par, if not sometimes cheaper than regular hair salons.

After looking into it a bit more, they are part of a group called Green Circle Salons. It is a platform in North America that provides salons with support to repurpose and recover up to 95% of the resources that were once considered waste. If WorldSalon is a little too far for you, their website has a directory of all the salons that are a part of this platform that might work better for you.



Hair salons are not known to be very environmentally friendly. Of course the obvious effect on the environment are the chemicals that go down the drain, but the additional wastes like foil, hair, colour tubes, aerosol cans etc certainly end up and build up in landfills.

Just like any business, taking initiative to lower energy use and general ways to reduce your impact is always a great thing. So whether or not you work at a hair salon, there are certainly always ways a business can take an extra step to do their part, and hopefully with the power of being a customer, we can influence businesses to do more.

Carmen Szeto