Green December Day 13 - Gift Wrapping

I’ve stopped using non-recyclable gift wrap

Not only because I like the classic look of paper bag gift wrapping and bags, but it is also 100% recyclable. Choose gift bags that don’t have ribbon handles or referring back to Day 11, be sure to recycle properly.

This year, I made it a conscious decision to not buy ribbons and bows. But being green doesn’t mean things can’t look cute. Re-use old ribbons and decorative items to top the gifts to give it at least one more life. As a receiver of gifts, I’m also always keeping an eye out for the things that I can keep to reuse next year like gift bags and tissue paper.

Of course, I thought of this after I’ve wrapped most of my gifts, but pick up some totes that will work as gift bags so your loved ones can have a little extra gift to reuse for themselves! Also, by cutting out parts of old Christmas cards, you can make cute tags while upcycling!



Of course recycling is good, reusing is better but reducing is best. Especially around the holidays, being a little more conscious of this can help more than you think.

For example, cellophane, bows and ribbons are not recyclable so start with not purchasing them, look for things you can reuse in their place, and if you don’t have anything, look for things that are recyclable!

Carmen Szeto