Green December Day 15 - Bulk Food

I’ve stopped… buying as many packaged foods

Of course, all of these recommendations are done within certain limits. The idea of these suggestions is to open your mind to alternatives that can fit slightly seamlessly into your regular life. I still buy packaged foods, but for the things that I know I can purchase in bulk, I’ll try to save those items for a single trip to Bulk Barn or any other bulk store.

I bought these glass jars from IKEA but many places including the dollarstore will offer mason jars also.


Bulk Barn now offers a reusable container program which is a great way to cut out a lot of plastics and waste. Some things I like to buy in bulk:

  • Baking ingredients (ie. sugar, flour, chocolate chips, oats etc)

  • Pasta!

  • Spices

  • Candy (obviously)



Packaging, packaging, packaging! Why buy (usually) more expensive food just for the packaging you’re going to throw away anyways? Is it anyone else’s dream to have a cabinet of uniform, organized containers for all of your pantry items?

Carmen Szeto