Green December Day 16 - Produce Bags

I’ve stopped… Using produce bags when grocery shopping

This one might freak a few people out but I don’t put my produce in those thin produce bags anymore.

Yes, it may seem ‘cleaner’ to be protecting your fruits and vegetables from touching those dirty baskets, carts and checkout belts, but in reality, you have no idea where the produce has been before they got to the grocery store so you should be thoroughly washing your produce regardless.


I collect my produce in a small tote but if you’re a germaphobe and out of sight is better out of mind to you, then you can buy reusable produce bags to bring along with your reusable grocery bags from Amazon.



Did you know that every plastic that has ever been produced still exists on the earth today? That’s a lot of plastic and reducing the use in as many aspects of your life as possible will greatly help prevent those plastics from ending up in places they don’t belong like in the stomachs of sea turtles or tangled up on a bird.

Carmen Szeto