Green December Day 23 - Body Wash

I’ve stopped… using non-degradable body wash

For all of the same reasons previously mentioned on day 1 of Green December, I have also switched to using degradable body wash. The Love Beauty and Planet products are all made with sustainability in mind. Some of the great initiatives they have include:

  • A bottle that is made of 100% recycled plastic (note that the cap is not)

  • A bottle that is 100% recyclable (the adhesive for the labelling is specially formulated to be easily removed during the recycling process)

  • A commitment to certified sustainably sourced ingredients by 2020

  • Goals to reduce their carbon footprints by 20% by 2020 and continual contribution to the Carbon Tax Fund

  • No sulfates or silicones, no animal testing, and no parabens or dyes

I haven’t tried their other lines of product, but I really do enjoy the Bountiful Moisture Murumuru butter and rose scent.



Chemicals typically present in body washes go down the drains and ultimately lead to lakes and oceans. Refer to #GreenDecemberDay1 for more in depth reasoning.

Carmen Szeto